Once Upon A Time, Part Four


Okay everybody! Time for the final part of Once Upon A Time! Here we go!

The next two days passed slowly for Princess Maryanne. But finally it was the night of the ball. The whole castle was in an uproar helping Princess Maryanne get ready for the ball. (But not a whole lot was getting done.) One second: “Maryanne, where’s your ball gown? The next second: Ellen where’s the soap?


By the time the horse drawn carriage finally pulled up to the palace, the sun was already set, even though it was just 5:00. The scene was breathtaking. The Palace was lit up with fancy candles, and everything was white from snow. Guards were everywhere and the gates were wide open. Even though she was a Princess, and she saw beautiful things every day, Princess Maryanne was sure that she had never seen anything more beautiful in her entire life, Once Princess Maryanne got inside, she was once again amazed. The inside of the Palace was just like the outside, except even more beautiful. There were beautiful paintings, and grand stair cases. There were chandeliers and swords. There were suits of armor and large chairs. After meeting King Charles and Queen Elizabeth, it was time for dancing.

Once Princess Maryanne was home again, she told the King and Queen all the ball. “Oh Mother, Father it was so elegant! We danced all night, and there were tea sandwiches and little cakes and oh! If only you could have been there!” “It sounds like you had a wonder time!” said the Queen” “But it’s time for bed now.” “O.K., Mother!”

The End

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