Once Upon A Time, Part Three

The dress was bought and taken home to the Royal Palace where Princess Maryanne showed the dress to the King. “Oh my, that dress is beautiful my dear.” King Richard said. “There’s just one problem.” “What is it Father?” Princess Maryanne asked worriedly. She knew that her Father was the ruler of the house, and that if he said they had to return the dress, they would have to return the dress. “It isn’t on you!” The King teased. “I want to see the dress on you, my dear.” King Richard explained. “Oh, of course I can try the dress on Father!” Princess Maryanne answered, relieved.

After carefully putting the dress on with help from Ellen, Maryanne went back downstairs, while Ellen stayed upstairs to dust. Once Princess Maryanne got downstairs, there were several oohs and aahs from the King and Queen. “Of course you may keep the dress.” The King said. “It’s so pretty on you, and you obviously love it. Dear, can you think of any reason this beautiful young Princess should not have this lovely dress?” The King asked, glancing at Queen Isabelle. “No I cannot.”  The Queen answered, kindly, but firmly. “O.K., then its settled. Today is the Thirty-first. Yes! The Thirty-first day of day of December. And what was the day of the ball?” The King asked, glancing at Princess Maryanne, who looked a bit bored. “The ball is on January second Father.” She replied. “So the ball is in two days.” “Thank you dear.” The King said.

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